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Kai Hung machinery

Design and manufacture of special machinery

Automobile parts production equipment

Tier1 and Tier2 form a close supply chain network, Kai hung machinery customized production machinery, providing customers a stable processing equipment.

Wheel Rim Equipment

Experimental Case Of Machine

CNC Two Way Machining Center—Turbine Blank

Iron Plate Rack Straightening Machine

NC Feeder

Stamping/Cutting Machine

Rim Rolling Machine

3φ DC Truck Steel Ring Flash-Butt Welding Machine

Cylinder TIG Welding Machine

Rim Edge Burr Cutting Machine

3R Forming Machine

Hemming Machine

Rim Air Leakage Testing Machine-2 in 1

Rim Punching Machine

Rim Disk Pressing and Spot Welding Machine

Rim Disk 3 Spindle Whole Circle Welding Machine

Rim Slant Testing and Straightening Machine