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Machine Product

Kai Hung was specializes in the design and manufacturing of CNC multi-spindles trunnion/ horizontal rotary transfer machine, automatic assembly stream line, customized equipment of valve/sanitary/gas parts processing, automation production line for automobile parts.
The machine using the full servo control, servo slide in each spindle, the program editing whenever required and quickly replace the fixture.
Each spindle can do tapping, threading milling, drilling, boring, special shape hole, curve, arc groove.
The machine is equipped with tool-breaking detection system to monitor the tool wearing status and reduce the loss of tools while improving the defect-free rate.

Product Item

Engine Piston Production Line

Steel Wheel Processing Line

CNC Rotary Machining Center

Rotary Transfer Machine

Trunnion Rotary Transfer Machine

CNC Two‐way Processing Machine

Processing Machine

Cylinder Rolling Machine

Rotor Shaft Process Machine

Armature Assembling Machine

Armature Test Machine

Stator Assembling Machine

Epoxy Instillation and Hot-Air Drying Oven

Assembly Line and Testing Line

Pressing Machine

Drilling Machine

Grinding Machine

Riveting Joint Equipment

Nut Special Purpose Machine

Bar Straightening Machine

Popular Product

6 Stations 7 Spindles-Solenoid Valve

8 Stations 12 Spindles-Check Valve

8 Stations 9 Spindles-Ball Valve

9 Stations 19 Spindles-Bathroom Equipment

CNC Two Way Processing Machine—Butterfly

8 Stations 12 Spindles-Valve Rod

CNC Two Way Processing Machine—Valve Body

Indexing Table and Rotating Satellites

8 Stations 10 Spindles-Main Valve Seat

Full-Process Servo Assembling Press Machine